Den beste tex-mex-maten lager du selv. Prøv gjerne disse deilige enchiladasene som er fylt med chilimarinert kylling, løk og paprika - og toppet med deilig cheddar. Enchiladas er rett og slett sammenrullede, myke tortillaer med deilig fyll. Rullene dekkes med ost og gratineres i ovnen. Serveres med deilig tilbehør, som for eksempel pico de gallo (tomatsalsa) og en klatt rømme. Prøv det til helgen eller neste gang du får gjester på besøk!




8 tortillalefser (ca. 24 cm)
700-800 g kylling , i strimler
3-4 ss tacoolje (se oppskrift)
1 løk , i ringer
2 rød paprika , i strimler
1 gul paprika , i strimler
3-4 ss tacoolje (se oppskrift) eller tacokrydder (smak til)
200 g cheddar eller annen ost, revet
salt og pepper (smak til)


4 plommetomater , i små terninger
1/2-1 rødløk , finhakket
2 fedd hvitløk , finhakket
1 rød chili , finhakket
1 ss extra virgin olivenolje
1/2 lime (smak til)
salt (smak til)
frisk koriander (smak til)

TACOOLJE (10+ porsjoner)

2 rød chili (med frø)
4 fedd hvitløk , i grove biter
1 ts pepper (nykvernet)
1 ss spisskummen
1 ss paprikapulver
1 ts salt
1/2 ts oregano (tørket)
1 1/2 dl nøytral matolje


200 g rømme



Divide the tomatoes in two, dug the soft kernel with a teaspoon and cut the rest of the tomato into small cubes. Add red onions, garlic and chili and stir well together. Season with lemon, olive oil, salt and freshly chopped coriander. Leave the salsa to pull for 30-60 minutes before serving. (The tomato salad is not as durable and should therefore be made within a few hours before serving.)


Run all the ingredients of the tacool in a blender until you have a smooth mix. If you want a slightly mild variant, you can remove the seeds in Chile. You only use some of the tacool in this recipe, so feel free to keep the rest on clean and dry glass and store it in the fridge (durable for several weeks). Use the tacool in the same way as tacokrydder, 4-5 ss per. kg. meat / chicken or to taste.

The tacool can optionally be replaced by homemade tacokrydder .


Cut the chicken and vegetables as indicated so that you have everything ready before you get started. Season the chicken with salt and pepper and fry it quickly in a deep frying pan / frying pan until it is almost crushed. Add page. (You may want to use ready-cooked chicken – pick the meat off the hull and warm it up quickly with the vegetables, see below.)

Then cook the vegetables until the bulb is smooth and soft and the bell pepper is tender. Put the chicken back in the saucepan, add the tacoolie (taste to) and gently twist. Distribute chicken fillet in 8 tortillas with approx. half of the cracked cheese and roll together. Place the rolls in a greased refractory dish and sprinkle the rest of the cheese over.

Stir at 200 degrees (upper and lower heat) in the middle of the oven for approx. 15 minutes, until the tortillas have taken a little color and the cheese is golden.

Served and enjoyed immediately with pico de gallo and escape as an accessory.


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